Thank you for your interest in The Pussy Grabber Plays!

The Pussy Grabber Plays premiered at Joe’s Pub at New York’s Public Theater on January 14, 2019. That evening was a kick-off to the real work of this project: sharing the scripts with people like you from all over the world, so that these stories can be amplified, conversation can be sparked and communities everywhere can become a part of the movement to celebrate the courage of these women and make change.  

Below is some information and FAQs. If after reviewing them you are still interested in producing the show, please click the button and request the script and our more complete information packet including a production contract. Once you have reviewed the materials, you will be asked to return the contract and we will send you the final elements that you will need for a complete production

You are essential to our project, and we are grateful for your passion and activism.

Thank you for your interest.


  1.  How many plays are there?

    There are eight short plays, two of which are musicals. The total running time is about one hour forty minutes.

  2. Do I need to produce all of the plays?

    Yes. These plays are better together, revealing different aspects of the central theme and creating a truly gorgeous evening that ranges in tone and genre. The scripts are included in the suggested order for production. However, you should feel free to alter the order as you see fit both artistically and for production reasons.

  3. Can I change, edit or alter any of the plays?

    No. Each play has been developed in consultation and with the approval of the woman who inspired it. The text of the plays is the property of the playwrights, and may not be changed, deleted or added to.

  4. How many performers do I need to use to produce the plays?

    The plays can be produced with as few as 6 performers, or as many as 20. All roles should be played by female or gender non-conforming actors with the exception of “loving boyfriend” which is written to be played by a male actor. (We have included a potential list for doubling roles to achieve a cast of 9.)

  5. Do the plays require high production values or experienced actors?

    Absolutely not. We encourage you to:

    • Keep production costs down. Your donation goal should be as high as possible.

    • Strive for diversity of all kinds.

    • Engage as many community members as possible. No acting experience is necessary.

  6. Can I charge for tickets to the plays? 

    Yes! And you may reimburse yourself or your company/school/organization for the cost of producing the plays. However, The Pussy Grabber Plays are not a for-profit endeavor. Therefore, all proceeds you make after reimbursement must be donated to local or national women’s rights groups.

  7. Can performers and artistic staff be paid for their work on The Pussy Grabber Plays?

    No. Organizers and all supporting teams should not be paid in order to maximize the donation made to non-profit beneficiaries. (Union technical staff contracted by venue are the only exceptions.)

  8. Which women’s rights organizations can I donate our proceeds to?

    In the Production Toolkit, you will find a list of approved organizations. However, we strongly encourage you to use your production to support a women’s group local to your community. If you would like to use your production or reading to support a local women’s organization, please include its name and information about its leadership and mission when you return your Production Information Sheet. We will approve such requests on a case-by-case basis.

  9. Do I have to keep you updated about my reading or production?

    You are required to email us all advertising, programs and press materials. But we are here to help! So please reach out at anytime with questions or just to touch base. Email us at

  10. Alright, I’m in! What’s next?